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Aaron Swaney is the only other candidate who reported

He set exacting standards for himself. His aim was to be morphologically accurate and at the same time create something elegant to look at. It was a fine balance that he always achieved. He crosed the borders and went on with someone from another family. So it quite is a public matter. And then there are jim bobs counseling friends.

Aaron Swaney is the only other candidate who reported any campaign fundraising as of September 29, loaning himself $1,000 and getting the same from H. Hampton Bell. Vallejo reported a total of $28,653 raised, including a $6,600 personal loan and spent $4,670, most of it to campaign consultant Rincon Strategies.

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Referrals are a business owner’s best friend and perhaps the best affirmation of customer satisfaction. When the opportunity presents itself, ask customers for referrals. And when possible, put current customers and future prospects (and referral partners) in a room together, such as at a holiday party or a sporting event.

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